It’s the End of the Year As We Know It

Ok, not really, but it is that nice and shiny time of year when all us little music writer types hunch down around our keyboards and try to figure out what artists, songs, and other musical stuff makes our “Best of” list. It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds. Here’s an example.

Say you’ve been listening to a really awesome record lately that was released in August. It’s fresh on your mind, you love the beats, the lyrics, everything. Then you look up your iTunes plays or Spotify list and see, heavens to Betsy!, there were at least three other albums you were swooning over this year, perhaps even more than this one. So you thank the techno gods for helping you find this out and include them all in your consideration.

And then there’s the complete lack of a giant list of every release that came out this year. Usually if I’m compiling a local best of, I search for stuff on but as we all know, not everything can be found there. What about all the cassettes, limited eps, and random demos? They’re all in there too. It’s not really fair to include only the folk who thought to email you sometime during the year.

So all in all, the process is really complicated. That’s why we’re asking YOU for help. Who did you like this year? Best Show! Best Album! Best Song! Best Extensive Use of Hair Gel! Let us know who you dug this year by emailing us at And yes, pimping your own band is allowed.

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