R.E.M. Roundup

Humor me for a bit. My rainy day go to backup band R.E.M. doesn’t exist anymore so I’m talking about them while I still….*oh god*…………*SOB*

Michael Stipe gave an “exit interview” at The Quietus that’s pretty revealing and honest about where the guys heads were when they decided to call it a day.

Meanwhile Peter Buck is gathering no moss. He’s out with longtime good buddy (and blog favorite) Scott McCaughey touring with John Wesley Harding and the Minus 5.

Norwegian TV everyone! Also, Mike Mills.

Listen to “Parts” (as we’re now calling it) over on NPR. Seriously, I refuse to type that entire title out every time.

Also, this weekend is PARTY WEEKEND! The AMJ crew will be out and about. Say hi!

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