See Ya Later, Manning!

Snow day, David. o.O

Our great friend and phenomenal photojournalist David Manning has set off for greener pastures (aka Orlando, FL), leaving behind a huge hole in Athens where the awesome used to be. Manning, an award winning photographer, captured some of Athens’ greatest and lowest moments while at the Athens Banner-Herald. He covered UGA games, chemical plant explosions, and domestic shootings. Taking a look at his portfolio, it’s easy to see why he won so many awards.

He’s also a music fan and has created some stunning photos of bands around town including Shitty Candy, Patterson Hood, Misfortune500, Casper and the Cookies, Venice is Sinking, and tons more. Personally, I’m really bummed because Manning is a great guy to talk to about Athens music scene politics and the like. We’ve spent many hours venting. Hell, he was the first one to let me know about R.E.M.’s breakup. But the show, as they say, must go on.  

So we wish David the best in the land of Mouse and Honey and hope he gets back up here once in a while. In the meantime, we’ll shamelessly plug his site for a sec.You can check out David’s concert work here. P.S., these photos make for nice Christmas gifts…

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