Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Best Damn Un-Christmas Song You’ll Hear This Week

Oh, Drive-By Truckers. You gave us “Hope Santa’s Outta Rehab By Christmas,” but can anything ever compare to the sheer raunchiness of “Mrs. Claus’ Kimono”? I think not. Mrs. Claus’ Kimono by DriveByTruckers Advertisements

More Warm and Fuzzy Christmas Tunes

In continuing our sudden discovery of local Christmas albums this year, I present to you Merry Christmas from Davey and Meredith. Davey drums for the Warm Fuzzies and Meredith is his wife. Together, they make an awesome duo with a unique take on some traditional holiday tunes. If you’d like a sample of what they’re […]

It Came Upon A Midnight

I am a complete and utter fan of pretty much anything Bill Mallonee’s ever recorded so it should come as no surprise to you consistent readers (all 3 of you) that I’m drooling over his Christmas tracks. Check out the rest of the goodness on his bandcamp page and sample the lovely tunes and toss […]

Love Shack Bus Stop

I guess this is a pic of the “Evil” B-52s? My good friend Rebecca can’t stop giggling about the fact that the Athens bus system is called “The Bus.” She’s from somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon line so I always get a kick out of her love for our silly little bus name and our […]

Peachy Keane Christmas

You gotta admit, you probably would wish that John Keane were your dad too. Grammy nominated, works with all these famous musicians, a kick-ass studio… For Paige and Rachel, he’s just dad. And, ok, this one time he’s their record producer too. O Christmas, Where Art Thou? is the Keane family project (under the groan-worthy […]

Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHT Caledonia Turf War VG Minus Little Kings Boycycle Erin Lovett Vespolina THURSDAY Caledonia Pig Man Thomas Hardy Morris and the Outfit Hank Sullivant Georgia Theatre We Three Keanes The Darnell Boys High Strung String Band The Whiskey Gentry FRIDAY 40 Watt Jon Guthrie: Living the Dream III See Flagpole for Listing The Melting Point […]

Athens Music News Roundup

Don’t forget that Jon Guthrie Tribute Living the Dream will be coming up this weekend. It’s always awesome so plan to go! Also happening soon, White Violet playing on Saturday. *drool* So the B-52s are coming back to Athens (hit me like a ton of bricks). Not only that but they’re offering special VIP packages […]


There are few things more magnificent than pulling into Athens, GA at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning after a show. The town is quiet. But not in an eerie sense. No, it’s more of a “calm before the storm” feeling. Some of us are asleep (not the driver thank God!), myself, I’m drifting in […]

Spring Interns Needed

Well hey there all you people looking to flesh out your resumes! Looking for a low impact, high entertainment internship to while away the hours? Dig listening to new music, researching old music, going to shows, designing web apps, and using “social media?” Then have I got the thing for you! We’re looking for interns […]

Michael Stipe is Christmas

bwaaaaaahahahahahahaha *breath* hahahahahahah I’ve been really stressed out lately between an interesting living situation, life in general, and trying to update this website (which is awesome but taxing). So I decided to watch some of my favorite Christmas movies to make me feel better. Naturally, I turned to two of my most favorite R.E.M./Christmas clips […]