Secret Santa Secret Record Swap Press Release Theatre

From the page:

Hello fellow music lovers!

The upcoming Secret Record Swap will be December 3rd at the 40 Watt and is naturally sponsored by Low Yo Yo Stuff Records!
The 40 Watt Club
285 W. Washington Street, Athens, GA 30601
Please don’t forget to like, share & invite your friends to the Secret Record Swap facebook page and event page:
Remember anyone can sell their music related stuff at this event. It is perfect for bands, record dealers, stores, record labels, and the average collector to come out to buy, sell or trade some music related items. At the previous record swaps we have seen records, videos, CDs, tapes, posters, guitars, radios, t-shirts, stereo equipment, horns, rock photographs, whoopee pies, and more changing hands!
Tables at this event are:
$5 for 2’ includes one admission
$15 for 4’ includes one admission
$22 for 6’ includes two admissions
$30 for 8’ includes two admissions
This is the best value around for record fair table space! We are keeping the 2’ space as cheap as possible to allow the average music fan to come with a box or two of records and/or CD’s. The table costs basically cover the advertising and table rental fees.
Table reservations will be made first come first served upon receipt of payment:
please email or call 706-206-0766 with :
1. The amount of space you desire.
2. Your name, mailing address, phone, & email.
3. A brief description of what you will be selling.

Three ways to pay for your tables!
• Stop in Low Yo Yo Stuff Records Monday – Thursday to give Chris a check or cash!
• or mail a check or well concealed cash payable to:
Chris Rasmussen
PO Box 1227 Athens, GA 30603
• or paypal your payment to
Please use the personal “gift” option so Paypal will not deduct any fees.

This event is not happening during a football home game weekend! So no worries about any of that madness/nonsense!
The students will still be here for another week or more before the Christmas break begins.

Thanks for your interest and participation in the Secret Record Swap!

Chris Razzzzzzzzzz
The Secret Record Swap

PS – As always, dealers are responsible for the collection and payment of any applicable local, state and federal taxes on their sales.

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