New Addiction: The Shoal Creek Stranglers & THE ICE CREAMS

I have repeatedly professed my love for the Humms on this here bit of Internet space. So I was very very happy when not one but two separate emails floated my way from Gypsy Farm. It seems that those guys have been pretty busy as of late

The Ice Creams sound like the good old fashion rock pop of the late 50s. The tunes, which you can listen to here, are catchy and lack the overly distorted production that marks the Humms. But the similarities between the sounds are obvious. If you like the Humms, you’ll love The Ice Creams. They’re like the vanilla with sprinkles to the Humms’ rocky road.

The Shoal Creek Stranglers are a lot more folk oriented. If you want nothing but straight up vocals, guitar, and bass, you’ll find it here. Zeke’s voice, of course, is instantly recognizable but it takes on a sweeter tone, melding with the peaceful instrumentation. Take a listen here.

And of course, if you just want the Humms, here’s one of their awesome songs from Lemonland.

So, in closing *DROOL*

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