Peachy Keane Christmas

You gotta admit, you probably would wish that John Keane were your dad too. Grammy nominated, works with all these famous musicians, a kick-ass studio… For Paige and Rachel, he’s just dad. And, ok, this one time he’s their record producer too.

O Christmas, Where Art Thou? is the Keane family project (under the groan-worthy pun name We Three Keanes). It’s holiday fare, naturally, but John and his daughters took special care in choosing which songs the merry-makers would perform.

“I didn’t want anything too sappy on there but just songs that their voices sounded good on and some favorites,” says John.

John admits that it’s a tiny bit harder to work with his daughters in the studio than it is with other musicians. Mainly, it’s about finding enough time, he says. The girls are often busy with after-school activities, leaving precious little time for the studio. It suits them fine, however. The girls are in the midst of college preparations. The record is a fun little way to raise some money for their soon to be out of state tuition.

So give it a listen over on John Keane’s official site. Buy it and help the girls out with college and get a nifty Christmas cd to boot.

We Three Keanes, TONIGHT at the Georgia Theatre with The Darnell Boys, Whiskey Gentry, High Strung String Band

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