New Year, New Deal

Well, at least we can say last year went better than 2010, right? It’s strange to be on the other side of New Year’s and realize it really really is 2012. The Georgia Theatre’s back. R.E.M.’s gone. No more Tasty World or Rye Bar. Lots of bands breaking apart or licking their wounds from last year.

So what in the world can we look forward to in 2012? A new of Montreal album, the B-52s coming back to Athens once again, Amy Ray in January, Drive-By in Jan, Jeff bloody Mangum in Feb, etc and so forth. In other news, the new website is ready. I aimed to have it up and running by today but due to an increasingly unreliable computer, it may be a bit. Don’t want to transfer everything over and suddenly lose it all due to a glitch, right? But expect to see a new look soon. That goes for too. Their new site will be up in Feb(?).

Basically, the best laid plans of mice and men still get run over by reality sometimes. But hey, we’ve got a whole new year upon us. Who knows what’s out there? Personally, I hope for a new starter venue to replace the hole T World/Rye left. Looks like New Earth is shaping up nicely to fill that need. What new bands will there be? Will dubstep finally leave me alone?! And what’s with all the questions? All this and more coming in 2012. Strap in guys, it’s time to get crazy.

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