ATHFEST Deadlines Approaching

Hey you! Yes, you with the band. You’re looking to play Athfest this year, right? Well, make sure you’re getting your ducks in a row because deadlines are coming up pretty fast and you may have some work to do.

First up is applying to play.. You have to submit via Sonicbids before April 1st. Mark it on your calendar. Ok, first, get a calendar. Staple it to whatever is nearest and then circle April 1 in red.

Next, sending in your songs to be considered for the ATHFEST cd. This is due FEBRUARY 15TH. You should have a song picked by now. If not, pick one. Fill out this form  and deliver it IN PERSON.

If you’re really trying to play Athfest and you’ve done those things, start talking to all your favorite bands and see what their plans are. They may be looking to make a showcase. Present a pre-done lineup to a venue (or house, or parking lot) and you just may have yourself a merry little Athfest. Good luck.

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