What do you Meme a Walmart?!

Okay, the following post probably needs to be explained for our out of town readers. It’s about hyper-hyperlocal people messing about with Photoshop. All images from Michelle’s tumblr…

For the past several months, Athens has been up in arms over a proposed Wal-Mart grocery store/mixed use complex in an area across the street from Nuci’s Space (and THE steeple). Obviously, this has been a big issue and one I’m really not going to pontificate over here despite my personal opinions.

So in order to put a sense of scale and proportion to the Walmart, the anti-Walmart group “People for a Better Athens” released the following picture.

Obviously not drawn to scale

This picture circulated around our tiny scene via facebook (and yes, I shared it too). So, naturally, Selig, the company in charge of the new development, wanted to correct this butter-colored mound of awful. Of course, they redirected people to their site and a good “artist’s rendering” of what the site will look like. The fact that I highly doubt it’ll look like that either aside, PFaBA released another photo.

The truck is very important, ok?

Meanwhile, an elderly driver decided she wanted her Westside Transmet to have a drive through. Still following? Ok. It all makes sense later, trust me. All this fuss over the Walmart scale model photos led to one Athenian posting the following picture.

PUT A BIRD ON IT. It’s art.

Which led to this.

Well, both places worship a small, furry animal…

Then the Transmet incident got mixed in and now we really have the greatest place on Earth thanks to Michelle. Welcome to Athens, GA memes.

You are welcome Internet.

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