Live in the Lobby Lives Again!

Lost many a shitty record to that skylight.

Many of you probably don’t remember when I was a staffer at WUOG back, oh, say 2-3 years ago (holy crap) but for those who do, you remember my love of Live in the Lobby. LitL is a twice weekly show on 90.5 fm where a local or touring band comes through town and sets up right in the WUOG lobby and jams.

Already this year, the station has brought in Reptar, causing a reported crowd surfing incident (?). Anywho, the lineup of artists so far is pretty solid. Upcoming this week are the Four Thieves and blog favorites The Humms.

Little known fact: YOU CAN GO SEE THESE SHOWS FOR FREE. Yes, if you head to the Tate Center around 7:40 pmish on Tuesday and Thursday, you can waltz right into WUOG and watch the band scheduled to play LitL. It’s awesome fun and you get to see what Radioland doesn’t. So get going!

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