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Athens vs Walmart Roundup

Some of you out of towners have been requesting some info on the Walmart situation downtown. Naturally, we’re here to help. A nice, well-rounded piece in Salon can be found here. Music For Good talked to Patterson Hood about his involvement. Occupy Athens‘ take on things.. And the ever on top of things Flagpole. Advertisements

Press Release Theatre: Athens Americana

Just a quick heads up here. We’ll have a more in-depth post about this as it gets closer. YAY! Fifth annual Athens Americana music festival featuring Athens’ finest Americana, folk, and bluegrass to be held April 18th-22nd at Georgia Theatre, Little Kings, and other Athens venues Athens, Ga.— February 26, 2011— The 5th Annual Athens […]

CD Review: pacificUV

As always, a small word about the artwork. It’s not as elaborate as some of the records you’ll see this year but understated works for this band. The light blue/white combo is very peaceful and matches the record perfectly. Alrighty, onto the song by song review. Friday Night Dream starts us off with a gentle […]

Contest: PacificUV Tickets

 Okay guys and gals, here’s your chance to win tickets to the PacificUV show this Friday at the 40 Watt! In order to win, be the first to answer the following question by emailing What are the names of the members of PacificUV? Now get to emailing! If you’ve won once this year, please […]

Weekly Show Picks

ThursdayAvid BookshopAdam Klein Flicker TheatreWoodfangsHunter MorrisSlaw and OrderCult of Riggonia FridayFlickerRuby KendrickNow You See ThemYo Soybean! 40 WattpacificUVelectrophoriaPowerkompany SaturdayCaledoniaDirty South Gnar Fest MondayMelting PointTim BrantleyCarbon Leaf TuesdayCaledoniaCatherine KimboCasey WoodYoung America

Sick Day

Press Release Theatre: Protect Athens Music Panel!

Seriously, this is one of those events that you MUST attend. I don’t want to hear any complaining from you that you’ve never gotten any help from the “big bands.” Their staffs and publicists are right here for you. GO! “Protect Athens Music” is a joint endeavor between the University of Georgia Music Business Program, […]

Seawright Tonight

All he had to say was “I broke my saw” and I was hooked. John Seawright. Poet. He’s been gone for far too long and it breaks my heart that I never got the chance to meet the man. Instead, I’ve been reading his works. But nothing’s quite like a performance and thankfully, most of […]

The Roar of Reptar

Reptar will debut their album Body Faucet in May on Vagrant Records. They’re also playing SXSW in the 40 Watt and Filter Magazine shows. It’s about to get crazy, y’all. Don’t forget to check out their new 90’s tastic website, complete with weird color scheme.

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