Athens Music News Roundup

Neutral Milk Hotel fans rejoice! They’ve found your most wanted postcard... Ish…

For old school R.E.M. fans, finally some good news! Finster’s gardens have been bought and will be restored.

There’s now a Twitter account for Protect Downtown Athens.

From the of Montreal official Facebook:
now that Paralytic Stalks is officially out there in the world i thought it might be helpful to offer a little personal info about it. it came from a place of great pain and turmoil. if you are a well adjusted/happy person that requires instant gratification and simplicity in the music you listen to, you should not expect to really enjoy this album. it is an album for people who know the sting of alienation,psychosis,terror,anguish…it’s not a feel good album, admittedly,it’s a fucked up journey into a troubled mind. it is a very raw and unrefined piece of art. I just hope it helps people, like myself, feel less alone in their instability.

And finally, GLEE does the B-52s “Love Shack” next week.

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