Seawright Tonight

All he had to say was “I broke my saw” and I was hooked. John Seawright. Poet. He’s been gone for far too long and it breaks my heart that I never got the chance to meet the man.

Instead, I’ve been reading his works. But nothing’s quite like a performance and thankfully, most of John’s friends are around to fill in the incredible gap he left. Go to ATHICA tonight and hear the following people read his work. Go see his brother Sam’s artwork. Twelve bucks. It starts at 6:30. Go live inside a piece of Southern history for a bit.

Coleman Barks – Terry Boling -Vanessa Briscoe Hay – Laura Carter – Marie
> Cochran – Dana Downs – John English – Tony Eubanks – Jeff Fallis – Alan
> Flurry- Pete McCommons – Maureen McLaughlin – Heli Montgomery – Charles
> Pinckney – Deirdre Sugiuchi – Armistead Wellford – Thomas Willey

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