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Press Release Theatre: Tonight, Mazarine Records!

MAZARINE RECORDS Block PartyAthens, GA Seven Bands, Two Venues, One Sparkly Night FREE: BeerFREE: CoverFREE: compilation CDs |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 40 WATT CLUB10:30: pacificUV11:30: Hope for Agoldensummer12:30: Electrophoria FLICKER9:30: Emergent Heart10:30: Young Benjamin11:15: powerkompany11:45: Dare Dukes |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Advertisements

Bambara and all that noise

When I saw the words “Bambara” and “new EP,” I immediately went to my little happy place where all sunshine and rainbows. I did not take notice of the word “noise” and made the mistake of wearing headphones when I clicked this link. Rings is a noise EP, apparently recorded on a telephone mic. It’s….interesting. […]

Weekly Show Picks

Tonight Caledonia Clean Break Dan Miraldi & the Albino Winos Water Liars Groove Tangent Thursday Nowhere Bar The Fritz Old You Flicker Gun Party Figboots The Humms Friday 40 Watt pacificUV Electrophoria hope for agoldensummer Flicker Dare Dukes Young Benjamin Powerkompany Caledonia Thayer Sarrano Bo Bedingfield and the Wydelles Saturday Flicker Madeline Adron Caledonia The […]


You know you want to DJ. It’s tons of fun. Go spin for us since we currently can’t. 😦 FROM WUOG: Seize the airwaves is happening right now! We’re doing it for an entire week as opposed to a single weekend which means we should be bringing in the big bucks. We need you to […]

Looking Forward to Spring

Guys, I’m having a really hard time believing it’s already almost April. Where has all our time gone? As our March 2012 passes quickly, we can look into the next two months and see a ton of good stuff headed our way. As it gets warmer, expect all of us music lovers to be populating […]


How can I put this? There have been years where the Athfest official cd has been, well, underwhelming. Thankfully, 2012 is not one of those years. Lots of personal favorites on here, from Ruby Kendrick to Efren. Glad to see Yo Soybean made the cut as well as the excellent effort by Patterson Hood & […]

Congrats Nuci’s Space!

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a bunch of people reposting about voting for Nuci’s Space in a contest to win $25,000. Well……….. THEY WON! Yup, thanks to Southwest Airlines LUV Grants for Good, our little Nuci’s has $25,000 more to help out the artists in our community. This is so awesome, I’m just […]

Weekly Show Picks

TonightFarm 255Miracles of Modern Science Go BarArgonautsNative KidJunior Astronomers ThursdayLive in the LobbypowerkompanyYoung Benjamin CaledoniaNuclear SpringAncient Whales FridayFlicker Antlered AuntlordSmokedogTom Television Farm 255Androcles and the LionBrothers SaturdayLittle Kings Shuffle ClubHope for a goldensummer MondayCaledoniaEryn WoodsGrand Prize Winner from Last YearKontraBand Music TuesdayGeorgia TheatreGet Up Get Down feat. REPTAR

Athfest Announces Headliners

Told you they’d announce it soon! Reptar and Atlas Sound will headline Friday night, The Glands on Saturday, and Yacht Rock Review on Sunday night! This is all happening on the Main Stage so it’s free. Make sure to bring your glow lights and beach balls. Man oh man. I’m actually really excited about this. […]

New Addiction: Androcles and the Lion

It’s okay if you haven’t heard of Androcles and the Lion yet. A shame, but it’s okay. You’re hearing about them now. In a town riddled with indie rock/pop star wannabes, AatL stands out by creating lovely, drifting melodies tinged with a bit of sadness. Take the band’s latest EP As Far As Blindness Could […]