Thayer Sarrano Indigogos For Camp Amped

Thayer Sarrano, amazing songstress extraordinaire, has been trying to figure out a way to release her second album out to the world. Then, as she writes on her Indigogo page, the thought struck her. CAMP AMPED.

For those unfamiliar with Camp Amped, it’s a local camp (non-profit, natch) run by Nuci’s after school and during the summer for teenagers in Athens. Thayer’s been a part of the camp for 4 years now, hence the decision to use her new cd as a fundraising tool.

You can get the full list of goodies and info here but I can go ahead and tell you it’s worth every dime you toss that way. Sarrano is an incredible talent and Camp Amped is an inspiring bit of awesome for the world.

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