New Addiction: Androcles and the Lion

It’s okay if you haven’t heard of Androcles and the Lion yet. A shame, but it’s okay. You’re hearing about them now. In a town riddled with indie rock/pop star wannabes, AatL stands out by creating lovely, drifting melodies tinged with a bit of sadness.

Take the band’s latest EP As Far As Blindness Could See for example. Each of the seven songs describe a different layer in the giant cake of sadness. There’s wistful remembrance, longing, regret, and so much more packed into a small, wonderful EP.

So if you’re looking for a talented group of folk to sing your problems away as you stare into your pint of choice, look no further. They play Farm 255 this Friday.

For more on Androcles and the Lion, check out their Bandcamp page.

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