How can I put this? There have been years where the Athfest official cd has been, well, underwhelming. Thankfully, 2012 is not one of those years. Lots of personal favorites on here, from Ruby Kendrick to Efren. Glad to see Yo Soybean made the cut as well as the excellent effort by Patterson Hood & co. All in all, I can fully recommend you pick this one up.

Patterson Hood & The Downtown 13 – “After It’s Gone”
Ruby Kendrick – “Do Me Right”
The Corduroy Road – “All Around This Town”
Hope For Agoldensummer – “Stars Shine Down”
pacificUV – “Float”
Tumbleweed Stampede – “Lost Boys”
FLT RSK – “Before Night Falls”
Reptar – “City Of Habits”
Casper & the Cookies – “Drug Facts”
White Violet – “Everyday Is Listening”
Futurebirds – “Megachills”
40th Street Candid Coal People – “Ambivalence In D”
Clay Leverett & The Buzzards – “Back To You”
Yo Soybean – “An Old War In The New South”
Sam Sniper – “Nothing Kills Me”
Dodd Ferrelle – “Rain Comin’ Over The Mountain”
Ken Will Morton – “Hitting Ditches”
Vespolina – “I Don’t Love You
Efren – “If My Heart Don’t Fail Me”

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