Looking Forward to Spring

Guys, I’m having a really hard time believing it’s already almost April. Where has all our time gone? As our March 2012 passes quickly, we can look into the next two months and see a ton of good stuff headed our way.

As it gets warmer, expect all of us music lovers to be populating outdoor venues like Farm255 more. Little Kings is also a great Spring venue. You even get to play corn hole! Yay!

In the music realm, expect to here the nominees for the 2012 Flagpole Awards sometime in May(?)ish. I have no clue when they’ll actually be announced but that seems about the time that we hear what categories and bands have made the cut. What shall we classify Venice is Sinking as this year?

Festivals will abound now. Check out the Mazarine Records showcase this week for a sneak peek at what’s coming up soon. Don’t forget UGA graduation will be upon us soon and that means most of the students will be gone before we know it. So let’s get ready for an awesome Spring!

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