Athens Music News Roundup

If you’re like me, you check venue schedules well in advance to pounce on the next band coming through before everyone else. So we were putting around the 40 Watt site yesterday and saw that they’ve already put up the venue’s Athfest Friday Schedule. We’re looking at Lera Lynn, Quiet Hounds, and Modern Skirts. That last one puzzles me a bit mostly because we haven’t heard from the Skirts in a while. Is this a one off or can we expect more shows in the future?

Other fun stuff from the Watt schedule: Reptar release show May 4th, Quality Faucet showcase April 27th, and the UGA MBUS Rock n Roll Review this Thursday.

Adam Klein will be on WUOG sometime tomorrow or Wednesday to talk about Dugu Wolo. Wish I could give specifics but looks like he’s not sure himself. So keep an eye on his twitter feed for details.

We’re very sad to see a fellow music blog shut down. Best wishes to all at Tympanogram

We’ve got video coming up from the Mazarine Records showcase last week. It’s HD and stuff.

And last but not least, here’s Easter Island‘s new video “Hash.”


  1. Very postpunk. I like it.

    On a side note, I now know everything I could ever hope to know about making quality kief, thanks to the you tube links to the right.

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