Wilbur Herrington

To say that Wilbur Herrington was an important part of WUOG is akin to saying that the radio station plays music. Wilbur was our friend, our guide, and the only one who knew how to work the damn thing most of the time. He was one of those characters that you’d see out of the corner of your eye and immediately know that he was important somehow.

For those of us who grew up at the station, this is a heavy blow. Wilbur died of a brain tumor on Thursday morning. In his last years at the station, he’d make his way up the five flights of stairs (especially since our elevator kept fritzing out) and start work. He was instrumental in getting the original station going and was essential when WUOG moved to Tate.

I’ll point you in this direction for more on Wilbur but suffice it to say that he put the “W” in “WUOG.”  His patience, kindness, and enthusiasm for our little station will not be forgotten.

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