CD Review: Rainbow Ghost


There comes a time when reality hits and a person realizes that the people around them are moving forward and they are staying still. “Tell Us How You Really Feel” is a very well themed compilation of how Rainbow Ghost feels within and without himself through the realization of a reality hit.

What Went Wrong?– A great opening track in which Rainbow Ghost opens up and lets the listener know what’s going on with him through his lyrics. The beautifully placed transition at the first “what went wrong with me?” into “what to do with myself” sets the pace for the rest of the song. A nice and smooth piano added in the background with a good acoustic rhythm and a very timely placed use of clapping makes this song a very good listen to open the EP.

Falling Apart– The feelings of the overall theme of the EP(frustration, wonder, how did I end up here?) shine through his voice at the chorus. Take that and add a well done bridge, oohs in the background of the last chorus, and the awesome drum transition into “Brittle” make for another good listen.

Brittle– Mr. Glass anyone? All jokes aside, this is a synth-powerpop track produced and written very well. The synth sound mixed with the acoustic guitar dominates the song. The song has a “summer” sound which makes it seem fun, but the lyrics let the listener know what the artist thinks of himself. Mix those together and it makes for a track that takes away from the negative light and, through music, turns it into a positive.

Maybe It’s Time– The transition into this song has a Sgt. Pepper’s feel to it for a few seconds and then its into the finale. A slower, darker song, in which, the artist lets the listener know how far he might have come and if maybe he can change. A positive note to end on with the good use of piano, strings, and percussion. It leaves me wondering if the next album will be another narrative on where Rainbow Ghost has come from here.

This EP only gives the listener a hint of what Rainbow Ghost is capable of. The very unique sound that easily becomes acquired after a few listens, like a fine liquor, proves to me that Rainbow Ghost is capable of reaching greater heights with hard work. An EP full of wonderfully done transitions between songs, choruses, and other places shows us his production talent. Great job of choosing the right song to “Tell Us How You Really Feel.”

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