Athens Music News Roundup

The deadline for the Alice in Chains guitar raffle that benefits the Clarke County Mentor Program has been moved to June 23rd. Even if you’re not all that fond of the band, the program is awesome. Go buy a ticket at Wuxtry.

Apparently the Melting Point has gotten some new items on their menu. Let me know when they get $2 cheesecake.

Word is that Athens, GA/Inside-Out may get a cd release soon. Details forthcoming.

I have no clue why, but I always seem to be out of town on Record Store Day. It’s this weekend. I’m really kicking myself because there’s some really awesome stuff available. Think Mastodon/Flaming Lips, Leonard Cohen, M83 (want. want.), FUTUREBIRDS, argh. So many goodies available at Wuxtry and Low Yo Yo Stuff.

Speaking of Futurebirds, you might want to grab their new offering “Seney-Stovall” on RSD. It’s awesome. Preview here.

PacificUV is headed over to China and Taiwan. Wowzers.

How to make yourself incredibly depressed in a very short amount of time.

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