CD Review: Kater Mass

Punk rock should have no boundaries and with this album there are none. Every song should be surprising, either good or bad, the tracks should keep the listener on their toes. A well-balanced blend of all types of punk rock is what KaterMass offers up on this album and it works really well for them.
  1. Pipefitter- This song is a great song to open the album up and to set the stage for the rest of what the album will have to offer. Classic punk sound seems to emanate from this song as they fit all they can in a minute and a half. The small amount of time makes for less lyrics to get the point of the song across but Kater Mass executes it perfectly.
  2. Prince Ave.- Anyone from Athens, GA can relate to this song, myself included. A nice anthem-esque song that has a very good pop-punk sound to it.
  3. Excessive Debt to Income Ratio- A track that is punk rock to a “t.” Filled with bitterness and wonder in the music and lyrics, this song is a jammin’ tune that tells the story of many 18 year olds. An awesome display of electric guitar also makes this song the first real heavy-hitter of the album.
  4. Cement Shoes- This track sticks to the punk basics and rocks it. A very well produced track, especially the addition of Danny Greene talking during the break. My only wish would be for the song to be 30 seconds longer.
  5. Geist- Some of the strongest lyrics on the album make this track a good listen (“Because what hasn’t killed me hasn’t made me any stronger”). Talking in the background is added in this song as well and it’s a nice added touch. The nice display of musicianship from the band starting at the 2:37 mark is a good way to cap off the song. 
  6. Goodbye to Youth- Immediately rings of classic metal and it continues throughout the verses. Then there is a beautiful transition from the metal sounding verse into a punk sounding chorus. The lyrics are also well done and the music matches the scene set by the lyrics.
  7. Sefer Ha’nisraf- The screams coming from this song really help get its point across. A little bit of “screw you” and “I don’t really” care takes this song to the boundaries of punk and back.
  8.  Francistown- A bitter song of a love gone wrong and done well to cap off the album. Their pop-punk sound comes out again in this song, the music is impressive, and playing this style of music is when they seem strongest.
Kater Mass has a hold on things when it comes to their lyrics and musicianship. None of the instruments shine more than the other and it’s that kind of even playing and togetherness that makes a band strong. The lyrics, under the surface of their music, are also very strong and they have a much deeper meaning than can be grasped in one listen.
Key Tracks: “Excessive Debt to Income Ratio,” “Cement Shoes,” and “Francistown”

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