Athens Music News Roundup

You know Twilight‘s this weekend, right? Yes!  

Reptar‘s apparently having some trouble with the band’s stream that we (and a ton of others) posted yesterday. Things will be sorted soon. Maybe there was a fire, fire, in their house…

If you still wanna hear it (I can hear it!), there’s a few vids of acoustic Reptar up here.

 Of Montreal just put out a new video and announced some tour dates for North America. If someone can make it to Nashville, lemme know if the show was way more okay than it was here in Athens.


Over on our Twitter feed, which do you like better: Cooley or Hood?  

Kurt Wood’s Front Porch Sale happens once again at a time when I have no cash: May 5th & 6th. It’ll be awesome.  

Monahan wants your help for his new video “Wake Up, My America.” Ryan wants your memories. Specifically, your videos of stuff. You can take a look at the snippet below for ideas.

“Wake Up, My America” | Video Preview from Monahan on Vimeo.

80 percent of your life’s most defining moments happen before the age of 35” Let’s get a show of hands on who’s fracked.

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