Athens Music News Roundup

My the times, how they are a-changing.

First up, yesterday Gordon and Mike announced that there will be no Athens Popfest this year. Or any other.
“We took a long look at what we were doing and how we were doing it and decided we needed to do a top-down restructuring. We’re retiring the “Athens PopFest” name and anything we do in the future will be under a new banner.” So there you go.

Reptar released Body Faucet  yesterday to great amounts of publicity. Today, Spin posted this video from the band. 

Olivia Tremor Control is headlining Austin Psych Fest.

Flagpole released the nominees for the annual Flagpole Athens Music Awards! YAY! You can vote here. If you have no clue who any of the bands are, fear not. I’ll be summarizing them again this year. More than likely over on Homedrone instead of here but that’s good, right?

And in UGA News, ding, dong, the Prez is retiring next year.

Finally, if you have a minute, please visit my buddy the Dead Journalist. We do similar stuff (although his site is WAY better) and we’re both having a lot of the same thoughts. So, if you could read this post and give some feedback, you’d help both of us. Thanks.

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