Get Yer ATHFEST Scheduling On!

The trick to Athfest is all in the scheduling. Figure out who you want to see and when and boom! You’re almost good to go. I’m happily planning away as you read, figuring out where and when to be.

Most of Athfest’s late night shows can be traveled to on foot between venues. There are, however, some that require a bit more planning to get to and from. Melting Point is the first to come to mind. Hendershot’s is another. It’s not impossible to get to a show at each venue in one night. I’ve done it. Nearly died, but I did it. And you can too.

Fortunately, the venue schedule for Athfest is pretty much complete. You can see the full thing here. I will note that most of the venues have created shows that match up closely with their usual offerings. It’s a good way for out of townies to get to know our fair town. So happy hunting, junkies!

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