Sprockets Announces Music Video Finalists

As you can see from the following list (completely copy/pasted from the Film Athens website, btw), there’s one hell of a competition going on at this year’s Sprockets Video. Naturally, Jason Thrasher, Brett Vaughen, Tim Daust, and Ethan Payne have made the cut as have quite a few other gifted directors.

Make sure to go to the festival June 16th and vote for your favorite videos. There’s also an amazing list of judges this year so go be wowed by them too.

“After It’s Gone” by Patterson Hood and the Downtown 13 dir. Jason Thrasher
“Ain’t Too Late (A2L)” by Untitled crew featuring Detroit Diamond dir. Charles Cho
“Because of the Shame” by Against Me! dir. Jason Thrasher
“Bee In Love” by Little Mountain dir. Kasia Kowalczyk
“Bloodless” by Fractal Farm dir. Devin DiMattia
“Bright Whites” by Kishi Bashi dir. Brett Vaughn
“Celebration” by Jason the Kid dir. Tim Daust
“Dear Boy” by Powerkompany dir. Mark Magnarella
“Devil Piss” by The Ginger Envelope dir. Jorge Torres-Torres
“Everysinglebodyelse” by Telstar dir. Tim Daust
“Gather the Feathers” by Madeline dir. Jamie Henson
“Hash” by Easter Island dir. Ethan and Asher Payne
“I’m a Bird” by Modern Paranoia dir. Tim Daust
“Kinetic” by Tesla Rossa dir. Jordan Noel
“Lean Into The Fall” by MONA dir. Jordan Noel
“nearsayerfive” by Eddie the Wheel dir. Matt Evans
“Oh Me” by King of Prussia dir. Brian Smith
“Old Man Cabbage” by Blair Crimmins and the Hookers dir. Raymond Carr
“Red Nine” by The Candy Runts dir. Andrew Hollingworth and Daniel Gronner
“Rock Paper Satan” by Los Meesfits dir. Andrew Shearer
“Rooney’s World (Theme Song)” by Rooney’s World / Trevor Dowdy / Jacob York dir. Jordan Noel
“Sefer Ha’Nisraf” by Katër Mass dir. Nick Gomez
“The Magick Deed” by Kuroma dir. Ash Sechler
“Through the Breakdown” by Electrophoria dir. Lauren Fancher
“Turning Me On” by Jay Gonzalez dir. John Britt
“Words Must Die!” by Timi Conley dir. Jay Braver

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