Catching Up on R.E.M.

Lots of little bits and bites coming out of the remains of the R.E.M. camp. Here’s a short list of some of the interesting things going on for the guys post-retirement.

Peter Buck sings. Yes, Pete Buck, he of the arpeggio and tireless work, will be singing on his debut solo record. As we are all well aware, Pete’s got a ton of good music buddies that he’s played with over the years. This time, Joesph Arthur will be backing him on one of his new songs. Paste Mag has more details. We are incredibly interested in this one…

Trying to figure out a way to get your littlest ones into R.E.M. before they stop mumbling like Stipe? Well, Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star has come out with a series of R.E.M. lullabies. I’m usually very skeptical about these type things but take a listen to “Man on the Moon” below and hear for yourself. I’ve got a couple of tots in mind that could use a copy…

And finally, if you haven’t read the awesome AV Club series on R.E.M., you really, really should.  Personally, I love reading R.E.M. fan writings mainly because they’re all very different. And as a “more recent (if you call 2004 recent)” fan, I love comparing and contrasting experiences across fan age groups. Maybe Up meant as much to me as Murmur did to you. Just food for thought.

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