Loyal, Crazy Interns Wanted

Former Intern turned Staffer/Partner Sofia took this. Now she’s employed somewhere. We’d like to think we helped.

We’re looking for interns for Fall 2012. So if you can write, listen to music, shoot photos or film, do tech wizardly stuff, etc. we’d like to pad your resume. Email athensmusicjunkie@gmail.com with a basic spill about yourself.

We don’t make interns get coffee. Our internsThe internship is unpaid so we’d really like to grab someone who can get course credit. If that doesn’t apply to you, email us anyway if you’d like to write something here or there. We can pay in tickets and music.

It’s been a strange year so we’re looking to revamp most of the site and start work on a possible sister site. If you’re looking for opportunity, well, we’re here at least.

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