AthFest Still Needs Volunteers!

Take it from me, volunteering at Athfest is one of the funnest things I’ve ever gotten to do. If you don’t believe me, listen to me from 4 years ago talking about it. There’s at least four days of that material in our back catalog.

It’s a great way to get to hear bands and eat food for (sorta) free. You meet interesting people, learn new stuff, get to almost blind bands onstage (again, sorry Darkmeat)… It’s fun. Hot. But ultimately, fun. Plus you get the cool t-shirt. So details are below, stolen straight from the Athfest site. You’re welcome.


General Information

Volunteer opportunities are managed through Hands On Northeast Georgia and Registration is NOW OPEN.
If you have any questions, email the Volunteer Chair at
Other opportunities to volunteer will occur by attending and signing up at the AthFest Sampler and Volunteer Party (date and location TBA–typically a week or so before the festival).
Other details to keep in mind when signing up include:

  • Volunteers are encouraged to sign up for 4 – 5 hour shifts (KidsFest volunteers work shorter shifts)
  • Working different areas is encouraged and a lot of fun! Some people choose to work KidsFest in the afternoon and Venues at night, for example.
  • Please only sign up for a shift at the times you are able to work. In the event of an emergency however, we can reschedule you.

In general, Athfest can accommodate placing friends together and volunteering with a friend can make the experience twice as fun!

Job Descriptions


This is the general term used for the setup and pack-up team. These volunteers are responsible for unloading trucks, setting up tents, moving tables, and in general, hauling stuff around. Production needs volunteers that are ready to work hard, but many hands make light work, so we encourage as many people to sign up as possible. This is the toughest shift to fill as most of it happens during the day on Friday and at night on Sunday after the festival ends. In case your not sure, please know that your work on the production team will be extra kindly rewarded!


KidsFest volunteers help on Saturday & Sunday with all “kid friendly” activities. Volunteers work 3-hour shifts. Duties include working at the kid tables, which in the past have included:

  • Bubbles
  • Finger-painting
  • Face painting
  • Selling KidsFest t-shirts
  • Instrument making and other arts and crafts

KidsFest is a blast, and shifts end by 6 PM, so there is still time to enjoy the music during the evening or volunteer at venues.


In general, the volunteer opportunities for Merchandise fall to two different categories, Merchandise and Venues. During the day and into the early evening, there are opportunities at the main merchandise booth and the refreshment stands. In the early evening and into the night (actually the very early hours of the morning), there are opportunities at the various music venues. Additionally, there may be other areas and opportunities to help out with merchandise throughout the weekend and/or before the festival.
Please note:

  • Merchandise volunteers must be at least 18 and venue volunteers must be at least 21 (unless volunteering with a parent/guardian. Younger volunteers are welcome, if and only if, they are volunteering with a parent/guardian.
  • Also, AthFest is an outdoor festival, and we are subject to the weather on the street. Please dress accordingly and in comfortable clothing and shoes.

Specific opportunities in Merchandise and Venues include:

  • Thursday – Flagpole Music Awards @ the Morton
    The hours at the Morton are from 6-10 PM. At least 3 volunteers are needed to help sell wristbands, CD’s and tee shirts; hand out packets to the bands, press and volunteers; and hand out promotional materials about the festival.
  • Friday – Festival Sales Setup
    Two volunteers are needed to work on Friday beginning at 12 PM to help set-up the merchandise booth, lay out merchandise, prep the drinks, etc. getting things ready for the festival.
  • Saturday & Sunday – Festival Sales Setup
    Two volunteers are needed to work on Saturday beginning at 10 AM to help set-up the merchandise booth, lay out merchandise, prep the drinks, etc. getting things ready for the festival.
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Festival Sales
    The main merchandise booth and refreshment stands will be setup the entire weekend, so volunteers are needed all 3 days. Please sign up for as many hours as you would like to help, but a minimum of four-hour shifts is appreciated. The heavier crowds build during the day and into the early evening, so more help is needed from mid-afternoon through the evening hours on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Friday & Saturday Nights – Venues
    There are a variety of venues that will be official AthFest venues. Volunteers are needed to sell wristbands at each participating venue. The wristbands allow access to the venues without having to pay a cover at each venue, so generally wristband sales are busy, especially on Friday night.
    • Volunteers for the evening venues are expected to work the entire shift (9 PM until at 1 AM or later Friday night, probably not as late on Saturday night).
    • Wristbands are sold at each participating venue, and as such, 2 volunteers are needed per venue. Venue volunteers must be 21 or older (or must have a parent/guardian volunteering with them) and have their own cell phone.
    • We will set a time (probably 9 PM) and location to meet as a group to go over last minute details and provide you with supplies. An Athfest staff person will check on volunteers throughout the evening and are available via phone at any time.
    • As the venue list and set times develop, volunteers may be needed earlier in the day for venues that may start earlier.

Outdoor Stage

Outdoor state volunteers help with stage setup and maintenance during shows. Volunteers do not necessarily need to have stage work experience, just a willingness to learn. Types of work may include helping the musicians load and unload their gear, moving cars away from the stage, moving equipment on and off the stage, showing the musicians where they need to be and when, and much more.

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