R.E.M. and A.V. Club

I’m just going to suggest to you that you sit there and watch the following video after you’ve gone over to the A.V. Club’s site to see the article accompanying the nifty video. The dudes from The Onion offshoot A.V. Club took a tour of Athens to all the most special R.E.M. places in town.

A few things that struck me about the video, A) AV Club (hearts) R.E.M. B)Is that Bertis’ new office? C) The condition of many R.E.M. landmarks is poor at best. I am, however, glad to see that the world outside Athens still loves R.E.M. dearly. I will agree with commenter Broan: “Go Bar is probably an omission as well. And it’s Caledonia Lounge, not The Kaledonia, dammit.”

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