Athens Music News Roundup

Thought we’d post a little news on the Monday before Athfest, just so you can get caught up.

First up, Peter Buck‘s new single has been premiered by Steve Wynn. “10 Million BC” has been making the rounds lately among R.E.M. fans as we all try to figure out what the new Buck solo record is going to sound like…

Monahan was on WUOG‘s “Live in the Lobby” the other night. You can hear it all right here.

Blue Blood, made up of Hunter Morris, Hank Sullivant, J.J. Bower, and many more for the live stuff is a new band that’ll be playing this Friday. Considering all the people involved, it’s gonna be killer.

Flagpole‘s got a new music editor and a new city editor. I’ll leave it up to them to announce who the noobs are but they’re both great.

Our friends over at Athens GA Weather say this Athfest is gonna be a hot one. We’d like to recommend following the blog on Twitter so you can keep up to date.

Speaking of our blog friends, Echoreyn of Athens is starting up Athfest coverage as well.

David Lowery writes a letter to an intern. My feelings on his response, and the whole conversation really, are complicated. Check it out for yourself and tell us your thoughts.

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