Athfest 2012: AMJ’s Don’t Miss List

4 years ago today. Weird.

Well, you wanted them. Here they are! Our “Don’t Miss List” of 2012 is here. Naturally, we suggest you attend as much of the outdoor festivities as you can so we didn’t include them. If you’re wondering who’s playing when outdoors, click here.


Tealvox (GA Theatre roof, 9pm)

Quiet Hounds (40 Watt, 10pm)

Powerkompany (New Earth, 10:30)

Tunabunny (Cine, 11:30pm)

Lassine Kouyate(The Globe, 12:00)

Timmy Tumble (Flicker, 1am)


Bambara (Caledonia, 9pm)

The Hobohemians (the Globe, 10pm)

Randall Bramblett (Melting Point, 11pm)

 Sea of Dogs (Cine,12:15am)

Supercluster (GA Theatre, 1am)

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