Flagpole Award Winners

The best of the best of the best were announced tonight at the Flagpole Awards. Lots of bands not showing up to collect but at least we had a drunken balcony dive to liven things up a bit.
World Music: Grogus
Jazz: Kenosha Kid
Jam: Dank Sinatra
Folk: Hope for agoldensummer
Electronic: Velveteen Pink
Experimental: Tunabunny
Session Player: Adam Poulin
Cover Band: B-53s
DJ: Mahogany
Hip Hop: Showtime
Country: Lera Lynn
Southern Rock: Futurebirds
Pop: Reptar
Cover Art: The District Attorneys
Metal: Music Hates You
Punk: Manray
Live: Reptar
Rock: Don Chambers + GOAT
Album: The District Attorneys
Upstart: Grass Giraffes
Artist of the Year: The District Attorneys
Audience Fave: “Turn Me On” by Jay Gonzalez
Judges Choice: “Bright Whites” by Kishi Bashi

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