My Athfest: Intern Chris

By Chris

Photo/Anna Baird

There were four shows that I saw this past weekend that highlighted my four day journey of wandering the streets of Athens.
  1. Lera Lynn- Friday night after Reptar I ventured on over towards the 40 Watt to get ready for Lera Lynn. She came on stage around midnight and proceeded to play one of the finest country music sets that Athens has to offer. Such a magnificent voice backed by a very talented band makes for an always enjoyable show.
  2. Reptar- What to say about this show? In the five years that I have attended Athfest I have never seen a band rock the crowd like Reptar did Friday night. There was crowdsurfing, toilet paper flying, and tons of “getting nasty.” They took the stage and had the crowd in the palm of their hands for 60 minutes. This show will always be talked about as even the band members joined in with the crowd.

  3. Randall Bramblett Band- Every time Randall Bramblett and his band play in Athens it is special. They are one of the most talented groups of musicians in the area and Randal Bramblett himself is a legend. The Melting Point never fails with sound as everything sounded perfect Saturday night which led to an encore performance by the band.
  4. The District Attorneys- I’ve been high on this band since their album was released this year. They stormed through the Flagpole awards and I was expecting an awesome show from them Saturday and they did not disappoint. They jammed their new album into 30 minutes with the exception of three songs. They sounded just as pure as the album while rocking it hard and throwing in surprises here and there.
To me these shows were where it was at during Athfest 2012. I did miss some shows that I wish I could’ve seen such as the random Futurebirds show, Supercluster, The Corduroy Road, and Ike Stubblefield. When all was said and done I had a great time and heard great music and Athfest delivered a great weekend for all of Athens once again. 

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  1. I loved reading this review as it will lead me to seek out these musical groups. Intern Chris is obviously a “well-tuned” and”well- eared” music reviewer.More reviews from him please!

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