CD Review: Legend Has It

by Chris Gunnells

Legend Has It has delivered a quality EP in “Wizards of Hazard,” and it is one that could be labeled under the genre, “Metal-driven, punk, pop-rock.” They take several different genre’s and turn them into a sound that is unique to hear when done well. Not only does the band seem to have fun playing together but they are also very good instrumentalists and those qualities can go a long way for Legend Has It.
They begin the EP with a song that immediately takes you back to the early to mid part of the last decade. “On Our Own” takes you on a journey with a sound reminiscent of Trust Co. and Coheed and Cambria with a nice bass line that holds the verses together very well.
The next track titled “The Leap” consists of a more “pop-punk” sound that opens into an awesome solo several seconds into the break and is one of the high points of this EP. The solo definitely has a dirty guitar sound that shows the bands southern influence.
“Believe” is the shining jewel of the EP as it seems the whole band is meant for the sound this track produces. The percussion section does a great job, especially the groovy bass line underneath and the lead guitar is, once again, fantastic in its solo.
The final track “Lost Forever” takes us back to the heavy-metal pop of the 80’s for the first twenty seconds and then immediately moves into a more millennium type sound for the duration of the song and consists of some of the better lyrics on the album.
Legend Has It proves on this EP that they are ready to make the step up to the next level. They have lyrics that are good enough to hold the songs together while their instrumentation can deliver the heavy blows on each song. I have not been to any of their live shows but I can only imagine that they put on a pretty rockin’ “metal-driven, punk, pop-rock” show because they have that sound down.

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