8 Reasons to Get the New Version of Athens, GA. Inside Out

Laura = Goddess

1) You’ll get a sense of what “The Golden Age of Athens Music” was like. It’s not the complete story by FAR but I’d say it’s required watching for anyone interested in Athens music.

2)Remastered cd with two previously unheard performances. It’s never been on cd before!

3) A lot of wonderful people we’ve lost in the past few years perform. We miss them all terribly.

4) The tracklisting:

The Squalls – Na Na Na Na
Flat Duo Jets – Crazy Hazy Kisses
R.E.M. – (All I’ve Got To Do Is) Dream
Love Tractor – Pretty
Kilkenny Cats – Nightfall
Time Toy – Window Sill
Pylon – Stop It
Time Toy – Hi
Bar-B-Q Killers – His And Hearse
Dreams So Real – Golden
R.E.M. – Swan Swan H
Flat Duo Jets – Jet Tone Boogie
The Squalls – Elephant Radio
Bonus Tracks:Love Tractor – Search And Destroy
Kilkenny Cats – Room 101 Love Tractor – Got To Give It Up
Bar-B-Q Killers – Hunchback In The A.M.
Love Tractor and Peter Buck – Shattered

5) October 9th is the release date. It’s also a great early birthday gift for a certain music junkie…


7) Omnivore Recordings is releasing it.

8) It’s just plain awesome.

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