Athens Music News Roundup!

If you don’t know Matt Hudgins, you’re doing Athens wrong. He’s an extremely talented local musician and a great dude to chat with, especially at the Caledonia. He’s got a solo project coming up so naturally, INDIEGOGO. Help him out, ok?

You may not have heard about the Glow Recording Studio but now you have! GRS is running a special this month according to Jesse Mangum (congrats on the wedding, btw dude). “1/2-Price rates if you let me record AND mix in MONO! (Still multitrack, but NO ridiculous stereo tom fills, NO hard-panned double-tracked guitars, and so on… and NO, I’m not kidding!)”

Here are two brand ass-spanking new videos from Kite to the Moon, courtesy of Slow Records.

The Modern Skirts have apparently reappeared from self-imposed exile with a new website, Daytrotter session, and new single.  

Rockumentary tonight at Hendershot’s.

Live video from Reptar and Lionz (yes, I’m cleaning out my inbox, ok?!)

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