CD Review: Corduroy Road

By: Molly Berg

Since 2006, Americana band The Corduroy Road has been touring and performing their signature high-energy shows. Though they’ve been together for over five years, this summer marked a turning point for the band. In June they released their third LP, “Two Step Silhouette”. After releasing “Love Is A War” and “Live at the 40 Watt”, the band took a break from touring to concentrate on their line-up and new record. And like many good things, the album was worth the wait.

In “Two Step Silhouette”, The Corduroy Road showcases its country roots to create a folksy, bluegrass-driven album. With the enthusiastic “My Dear Odessa”, the album starts on a country tune that is a thrill to see live. “Odessa” acts as the standout track that sets the pace for the rest of the songs to follow. Next on the list is “Living With Me”, a sentimental song that that has a more tranquil sound to match the energy of “My Dear Odessa”.

Other highlights of the 12 song line-up include “Elzic’s Farewell”, a purely instrumental track that features the raw talent of the five musicians, and “All Around This Town”, which has a fast, somewhat frantic, guitar and banjo lead-in that sets the stage for a fun, lively tune.The unique inclusion of banjo, fiddle and harmonica sets this folk-rock band apart from other local country acts.

The Corduroy Road is one of Athens’ contemporary treasures. With the band’s extensive touring schedule, it’s often easy to catch the group performing on weekends. After six years, The Corduroy Road is far from slowing down; their acceleration is just beginning.

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