Athens Music News Roundup

Efren is saying goodbye to Jamie and Darren after 3 years. The rest of the gang are retooling the project. Can’t wait to hear what comes out of that.

There’s apparently a football season series going on at Melting Point this year. On Friday and Saturday during home game weekends, you can catch some groovers. Admittedly, this skews a little older than our normal crowd but I happen to like The Swingin’ Medallions thank you very much. Details at the site.

Flagpole now has a tumblr. Really not sure why. I hope they have someone who knows how to make .gifs.

Bruce Burch, formerly of UGA Mbus is now formerly of Kennesaw MBUS and is creating a MBUS/Entertainment thingy at Brenau.

If you’ve ever wondered what went through Vanessa Hay‘s (Pylon, Supercluster) mind when she first heard Bowie, there’s now a book for that. Request it at Avid Bookstore, though.

Been a while since we’ve gotten new material from Chris McKay. Check out a solo bit of his over on Flagpole’s site.

We weren’t up and running during the time that the great Bill Doss passed away. He was a fantastic musician and a really great guy. The video below is from Elephant 6 members, paying tribute to their dear friend.

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