Drive-By Truckers Tonight!

If you missed the show last night, our good buddies over at Southern Shelter have uploaded the tunes from the concert. For those of you unfamiliar with Southern Shelter, it’s an amazing site that has tons of quality recordings from Athens, Atlanta, and further away. Mostly live stuff, all awesome.

According to some of the most recent interviews, DBT may be slowing down as far as touring is concerned. Between the departure of Shonna Tucker, Hood’s upcoming solo album, and the Downtown 13 recordings, maybe it’s a good thing for the guys to take a bit of a break.

I’m hoping that Cooley will write some more in the time they’ve got between recording and touring. “Ghost to Most” and “Self Destructive Zones” are personal faves. I’m at least hoping for another raunchy Christmas tune…

Meanwhile, check out some of the footage from Daniel Peiken’s youtube page.

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