Athens Music News Roundup

Could this possibly be Pete Buck’s new album cover? If not, it’s still cool though.

What? Again? So soon? Yes. Yes indeed. Music and news come flying through at the speed of light my friend. Let’s get to it.

Congrats to our ol’ buddy Candice for landing the talent buyer gig at the Black Cat in Washington DC. She’s come a long way from yelling at intern Jordan at Team Clermont. So happy!

Speakin’ of TC, congrats to Nelson as well. You know why.

If you want to be in the newest Grape Soda music video, you should get thy rear to the Caledonia tomorrow night. Be there at 9 p.m. or cry tears forever.

Feather Trade is making its debut in ATL…

The first UGA home football game is this weekend. RUN FOR THE HILLS. Unless you want to hear the kickass Redcoat Marching Band. They’re seriously underrated as far as Athens music goes.

And seriously, if you’re not following us on Twitter, then you should at least follow Athens Rumors.

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