Athens Music News Roundup

As we head into an away game weekend, put your peepers on the following news bites to keep yourself entertained.

No amount of pretty persuasion can convince R.E.M. to allow Fox News to use the band’s music. Stipe said, “”We have little or no respect for their puff adder brand of reportage. Our music does not belong there.” Speculative accounts say that he was immediately hi-fived after the comment and then rode away on a mythical Pegasus.

St. Gordon of Caledonia has issued a decree that while the legendary Popfest is gone, there shall still be partying in the land of Ath: “Athens Intensified coming October 11-13 to Caledonia. 20 bands. Headliners: All-Star Elliott Smith Tribute, Silver Apples, The Queers. Tickets on sale next week.” Verily, we woot.

Have you been to Pat the Wiz’s site? You know, where find amazing photos, songs, and musings on Athens’ past bands? Well, you should poke around there with a stick, see what you can find…

WUOG‘s Seize the Airwaves is coming up September 17th through the 23rd. So get your playlists ready. Details forthcoming soon…

And a little nod to our 2 interns this semester, the wonderful Molly and awesome Emily who will join our contributing writers to bring you some of the best this town has to offer. Yay interns!

So, yeah. Have a great weekend, folks!

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