Athens Music News Roundup

It begins. The great “random bandmate search”! I’ve got people requesting a)a touring bassist for a goth band, b)a drummer for an alt rock outfit, and c) more drummers. If you’re any of those things, hit us up and we’ll put you in touch with someone. Also a guitarist. Need that too.

Complete shameless plug alert: I’ve got two really good buddies playing this weekend. For you ATH types, it’s the Orkids at the 40 Watt on Saturday and for you ATL folk, Feather Trade at the Drunken Unicorn on Saturday. Yes, completely shameless. Shameless and transparent, that’s us.


So, WUOG has a bandcamp. And it’s all sorts of awesome.

Wonderful article on why we all hate listmaking.

And finally, to put you in a moody, bluesy, kind of way, check out this Matt Joiner track.

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