Athens Music News Roundup

It seems like everyone on my Facebook feed is getting married. So it was no surprise to see that someone finally had a Widespread Panic themed shin-dig. Groovy, man. I call dibs on a Pylon theme!

By the way, have you ever wondered how to survive a Widespread Panic gig? Ehow can tell you!

Michael Stipe, .gif judge. I kid you not. Here’s the site.

Remember that Vic Chesnutt concert doc that Mr. Stipe was executive producing? It’s airing in Canada on Oct. 27th. Details here.
File under things I did not know, The B-52s album Cosmic Thing is being reissued on “audiophile vinyl.” YESH!

So Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Jake Owens, and Thomas Rhett will be playing Sanford Stadium on April 13th.While we here at AMJ approve of finally letting concerts play in Sanford, we feel that maybe this is a case of far too little too late. Especially since this is the “First and Last” one.

BTW, thanks all you guys for “liking” the AMJ Facebook Page. We passed 1,000 fans last week. We’re in the middle of some revamps, shakeups, and whatchamacallits on the blog blog but at least the Facebook updates regularly!

And lastly, Love Tractor has a new video out called “Courteous Doors.” They’ve got a new album coming soon and you can be sure we’ll have a listen for ya.

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