The Woodward Way


For Scott Woodward, a student at the University of Georgia, music isn’t just something he does on the side. “I created my own major through the interdisciplinary department at UGA. It’s called Popular Music Composition. In order to graduate, for my thesis I’m recording a full-length album,” he explained. T.S. Woodward is his outlet to reach the public.

Even at a young age Woodward new he wanted to be some type of performer. He’s spent the past ten years performing music in some capacity, becoming a multi-instrumentalist and writing obsessively. He started off playing both the drums and guitar in previous bands before putting his writing to use and starting his own solo project.

While he does record everything himself in hopes of becoming known as a multi-faceted musician and songwriter, he is not opposed to working with other musicians in the future. “Collaboration is important in all blocks of life, but especially in music, I think,” he said.

Woodward’s recorded music is rooted in pop and rock influences, his live performance is very different, with only a piano for accompaniment. “It’s very organic and more singer-songwriter-y,” Woodward distinguished. “The way I play piano . . . I put a lot of attention into the parts and I do a lot of improvising on the spot.”

When asked how he would describe his music, even Woodward couldn’t come up with one central idea, citing influences from psychedelic music to rock and more modern popular music. With influences ranging from Radiohead and Modest Mouse to David Bowie and Elton John and even Beethoven, it’s not a surprise that T.S. Woodward has no single, uniform sound.

Performing music isn’t the only thing that interests Woodward. “I’m also interested in working as a composer scoring for films. I write ambient music in addition to pop songs, and electronic-type stuff . . . So if anyone is checking out T.S. Woodward don’t be surprised if you find something that maybe you’re not expecting,” he said. With so much variety in his recordings, it’s obvious that Woodward’s music is constantly evolving. “I have restless hands, a restless mind and it’s kind of an ever-burning passion or whatever that I can’t really turn off.”

If you’re interested in checking out T.S. Woodward’s piano-centric pop in person, he’ll be playing a free show at Flicker Bar with Kate Morrissey and Mike MacDonald on Friday, November 16!

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