Athens Music News Roundup

Low Yo Yo Stuff, aka the awesome little record store near the 40 Watt is for sale. According to the store’s Facebook page, the gang is hoping someone will buy LYYS and keep it going. Lots of details in the link above.

In other “You Need to Support Local Business” news, Vision Video Broad Street is shutting down around the end of February. *fist shaking*

We’ve got a lot of band member departures to mention here. Let’s catch up with these acts, shall we?

Jim has left Casper and the Cookies amicably. The Cookies have picked up AJ Griffin and are done with their next record. The band has an Indie Go Go campaign set up here.

Timi Conley is tapering off his performances with Abbey Road Live in order to focus more on his solo project and Kite to the Moon.

And finally, Chris McKay is pulling the plug on our beloved Critical Darlings. He is releasing a best of comp sometime in 2013. It’s bittersweet but knowing Chris, he’ll continue making a ton of quality music.

Dead Confederate took some of us by surprise by releasing an EP called Peyote People in advance of their upcoming album In the Marrow.

Entertainment‘s latest album will hopefully be released in April.

Well, at least we can end this on a happy note with a new song from Tealvox.

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