Athens Music News Roundup

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Futurebirds jamming in a van.

In slightly out of town news, The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is holding an open house on August 24th. Students interested in music composition, performance and production are encouraged to attend. You can find the info you need here.

Tunabunny just got back from a tour across the ocean so you should really go see them tonight at the Caledonia and see if they’ve picked up a British accent.

Our buddy Hardy (that’s T. Hardy Morris to you) has been recording videos at the Georgia Trust’s Places in Peril sites. You ought to follow the link for good music and a good cause.

In “Um, okay…” news, Flagpole is doing power rankings for Athens. Because nobody has a clue who is influential around here *sarcasm*

Peter Buck‘s been busy of late. When he’s not dropping hints to Rolling Stone about a possible compilation of R.E.M.’s previously released fanclub-only material, he’s playing with Tired Pony in London. We’ll have to wait until October to get Tired Pony’s new album stateside. In the meantime, take a gander at the gang’s latest video below. Remember that Buck is playing with Kevn Kinney at the 40 Watt in November so grab your tickets now.

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