Kite to the Moon Will Write A Song About My Cats (For $300)

Normally, I’m not all that fond of Kickstarter-esque projects. To begin with, I have ZERO DOLLARS to donate towards anyone’s musical career, much less a friend’s. But the thing that gets me is when bands offer up all this lame stuff as your prize for donating. “We’ll mow your lawn!” “We’ll tweet you on the Twitter” “We’ll acknowledge your status as a semi-prominent local music writer!”
I am so very happy to see that Kite to the Moon‘s PledgeMusic campaign is nothing like that. Yeah, sure, there’s the usual t-shirt and private show song and dance but the brilliant thing about KttM is they are aiming right for the wallet by targeting my beloved cats. And your dogs, lizards, or whatever you have as a pet.
For a mere $300, the band will write and record a song about your pet. Also up for grabs are studio time, paintings by Timi, trapeze lessons, and other things that would actually be cool and worth the money. At this point, I’m thinking of setting up an AMJ Kickstarter to raise the money needed to have Teh Hipster Kittehs immortalized in song.
But seriously, folks, Timi is one of our rarely acknowledged Athens treasures. He makes rock’n’roll shamelessly and has fun while doing it. So do it for ART. Do it for Timi. DO IT FOR THE SONGS ABOUT KITTIES.

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